THE BLACK HOME X VERNA FOGG (peel and stick wallpaper)

We wanted to create a line of wallpapers that was reminiscent of our culture being Afro Latinas.

Verna Fogg is a Brooklyn based graphic Art-chitect who paints in both semi - abstract and abstract styles in oils,mixed medium collage and pastel. Their love for art and interior design with strong bold visuals made them decide to embark on a wallpaper line that celebrates color, patterns and culture.

Neffi Walker is the owner and Celebrity designer of The Black Home which has a design studio opening this november as well as an online store.

“ We wanted our first pattern to be the banana leaf because it reminded us both of holidays with family. Every christmas we both remember our mothers, aunts and grandmothers gathering around to create pasteles, a Puerto Rican and latin dish, which is time consuming and labor intensive, and wrapped in a banana leaf before boiling it for hours till completion. It brings back beautiful memories of home and we wanted to create that feeling for everyone on their walls.

We are now, we are the future. We are BIPOC Women owned and Led LGBTQI+

We craft with intention.

We create larger panels which cuts down time for an easier application.

Our murals are peel and stick which is apartment friendly.